Beanbag 'Senza' Aqua


Sit&Joy Senza: A wonderful lounge beanbag

The Senza beanbag is a mix of robustness and elegance. Its unique shape and structure bring a special flair to any living room or garden. Suitable for both young and old, the Senza beanbag is a versatile choice.

Whether you want to relax after a busy day with a delicious glass of wine, or start the day with a meditation session, the Senza beanbag is the perfect place for every moment. Moreover, this beanbag is also ideal for outdoor use!

Water-repellent fabric: Suitable for indoors and outdoors

The polyester fabric specially developed by Sit&Joy is water-repellent and double-stitched. This makes the Basic collection also very suitable for outdoor use. We recommend storing the beanbag dry when not in use. This extends the lifespan and entitles you to the warranty. But if the beanbag does get wet, fortunately this is not a problem!

The water-repellent fabric also makes cleaning easy. A cloth and mild soap will remove all stains!

Basic Collection: Combine and create the ultimate lounge spot

The Basic collection from Sit&Joy offers a versatile color palette with 12 different shades. This range includes both vibrant, bold colors and subtle, calming tones.

Give your space a personal touch with Sit&Joy beanbags from the Basic collection, available in 12 attractive colours. For a unique and stylish lounge area, combine these beanbags with other products from the same collection.

Grandio, Dolce, Senza, Largo, Rondo, Tutti.

Supplied with the best beanbag filling: FlexiPearl® Original

This beanbag comes with FlexiPearl® Original beanbag filling. These are new, dust-free and resilient white beads specially designed for beanbags.

Due to its size, this beanbag is delivered in multiple boxes. You must fill the beanbag yourself with the handy FlexiPearl® EasyFill System.


Model Beanbag
Brand Sit&Joy ®
Use Indoor & Outdoor
Color Blue
Packaging 78 x 58 x 50 cm (2x)
Material Polyester (Water Repellent)
Weight 7 kg
Filling FlexiPearl® Original
Contents 300 l
Total length 90 cm
Total width 70 cm
Total height 90 cm