Sit&Joy: beanbags with optimal comfort

Sit&Joy beanbags are designed to take a perfect shape no matter who sits on them. We only use the highest quality materials. The Sit&Joy beanbags are made of extremely strong fabric and are all filled with self-produced FlexiPearl® pearls.

FlexiPearl® pearls are specially designed to conform to your body shape. This will allow you to experience comfort like never before. Whether you are reading a book, watching television, relaxing or drinking a cup of coffee, you will always be comfortable with a beanbag from Sit&Joy.

Why choose a Sit&Joy beanbag?

When you buy a Sit&Joy beanbag, you can be sure that attention has been paid to the product. We do a lot of research into the ideal beanbag. A beanbag must be perfectly finished in all areas for the best seating comfort. This means that many trials and tests are done before production starts.

A beanbag is the ideal way to combine something functional with lifestyle. This allows you to not only relax, but also provide your interior, children's room and/or outdoor space with something fun! It is not just about sitting, lying or lounging, but it becomes part of your space. Moreover, you can combine endlessly with our collections.

Colorful beanbags and modern designs

The Sit&Joy beanbags are designed and produced by ourselves. We focus on the customer's wishes and adapt our products accordingly. The most important criteria are quality and comfort at an attractive price.

A Sit&Joy beanbag is a perfect addition to any interior due to its modern design and cheerful colors. Moreover, beanbags are lightweight and perfect for relaxing. You can also buy a large model at Sit&Joy that can accommodate several people. Very nice to watch television together in the living room, for example. Furthermore, it is a very practical solution for large spaces.

Beanbags for the whole family

Beanbags are suitable for all ages. For the little ones to the hip grandparents. There are many different models for all kinds of applications. We have a kids collection especially for children. Here we have all kinds of nice models for children with cheerful colors. For adults we have the Basic collection, Duo collection and the Premium collection, but these can also be used by children

Which beanbag collection is suitable for you?

With so much choice of beanbags, it is sometimes difficult to choose. That is why it is useful to review the Sit&Joy collection to see which beanbag is suitable for you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate, our employees will be happy to advise you so that you choose the right beanbag.

Basic collection

Sit&Joy has a suitable color in its collection for every type of interior. The beanbags from the Basic collection are also very suitable for outside in the garden due to their water-repellent fabric. So are you looking for a beanbag to give your home or garden some color? Then take a look at the Basic collection and choose from no fewer than 12 different colors and different models.

Duo collection

The Duo collection is a modern version of the classic beanbag. The two colors of water-repellent fabric give the beanbag its elegant character! In addition to the normal beanbag, the Duo collection also consists of bea bags with a backrest, various pouffes and various cushions. So you can combine to your heart's content.

Premium collection

Do you want to enjoy a beautiful spring or summer day? Take the beanbag from the Premium collection outside and enjoy a beautiful day. Whether it concerns a picnic with your friends or relaxing in the garden, it is possible with the Premium beanbag collection from Sit&Joy. This is made of extra sturdy material and water-repellent fabric.

Kids collection

Children absolutely love the Sit&Joy beanbags because of the cheerful colors. And because of the soft material it is not only comfortable but also safe for children. Our beanbags for children provide lots of sitting and playing fun. An ideal addition for a children's room.

Cat & Dog collection

Pets love our cat and dog cushions. So spoil your pet with the special Sit&Joy cushions for your cat or dog. The Cat & Dog collection is also available in many colors and various sizes. So get the best for your cat or dog now with the specially designed beanbags for your pet.